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The Big Pit

The Big Pit!

As part of our topic 'Digging Up the Past' Class 4 visited The Big Pit in Wales. It was amazing! To see more photos look in the Gallery.

These are Charlie's thoughts:

"The Big PIt was an amazing experience for me because you could delightedly observe the incredible mine. If you think it's dark when you're in bed think again: the mine is as black as coal! But don't worry because when you drop down there you will be provided with a bright light. The staff at The Big Pit are very friendly - they would talk to you about the mine in a clear way (which meant I learnt a lot). When you travel down the mine, there is a coal smelling breeze shivering around the space; it felt beautiful. When you descend the shaft it is 90 metres down and you plunge 2 metres every second. Your tour guide will have actually been a miner himself: that's unbelievable! Overall I rate it 4 stars out of 5."