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Artist Studies

Class 4 Artist Study

Brynhild Parker

Class Four studied the work of artist Brynhild Parker. They developed their painting skills when using unrealistic colours.

During their Art sessions, the children linked their artwork to their curriculum topic 'Frozen Kingdoms' and experimented with using unrealistic colours to paint icebergs.

Parker, Brynhild, 1907–1987 | Art UK

Painter and teacher, full name Margaret Brynhild Parker, brought up in Letchworth, Hertfordshire. Her father was a craft teacher at St Christopher’s School, which she attended, her mother was Swedish and her uncle was Barry Parker, architect responsible for much of the early development of the Garden City.

Class Four Artist study of Rob Ryan focusing on how he uses paper cuttings to create pictures.

To see some examples of our work inspired by Rob Ryan take a look in the Collage Section of the Artwork Gallery.

Class Three Artist Study


Who is Claude Monet? | Tate Kids

Find out who is Claude Monet with this art homework guide, includes facts for kids.

Graffiti Artist Study - Banksy 'Urban Pioneers',often%20includes%20the%20urban%20environment%20in%20their%20artwork.

Class Two Artist Study

Hundertwasser - Wax Resist

Class Two were inspired by a Jewish artist from Austria. He used bright colours and simple shapes to create his painted pieces.

In class the children learnt about how wax resists paint and created their own images using bright colours and interesting shapes.


Friedensreich Hundertwasser Facts for Kids (

Picasso - Painting with Acrylic

Picasso was a Spanish artist who was part of the Cubism movement. Class Two developed their skills painting with acrylic paint and focused on how Picasso used shapes to create interesting faces. They were inspired by his art piece 'Weeping Woman' and 'Woman in a Hat'.



Phillipe Patricio

Class 2 Collage Art