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Big Event Curriculum Map


Our Big Event Curriculum Map

As an academy, our curriculum is not determined by decisions made by the Department for Education in England and Wales and therefore we are able to design learning journeys for our children that support our local distinctiveness and our overall approach to education. Alongside, we recognise that the development of core skills in reading, writing and numeracy are critical for a child's success and academic development and, like most schools, we put these at the forefront of our work. Overall, our curriculum is aligned closely to that of the National framework, but we enjoy the opportunity to respond to the needs of our children in our locality. This is delivered through our Big Event approach that links a memorable occasion, such as a visit away from school, to the children's work within a theme.

Our curriculum is broad and balanced and is designed to ensure that all children are actively involved in their learning, develop both socially and academically and experience the curriculum through learning that is real and relevant. Through our curriculum ethos we strive to secure academic and social mobility for everyone.

Autumn Term 2019: Digging up the past

Spring Term 2020 :  Farm to Fork

Summer Term 2020 : We Are The Champions (Olympics)


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