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High Bickington Academy


The Big Event Curriculum provides children with a vast array of learning challenges throughout the academic year that requires them to solve problems, apply themselves creatively and express their knowledge and understanding effectively across the curriculum.

Adopting the Cornerstones curriculum and merging it with our own has meant that we now have a rigorous knowledge and skills framework. Our teachers are able to track children’s progress against the age-related activities which are set and from this can identify their individual needs. We use our evaluations and assessments to regularly update our curriculum maps ensuring that there is good breadth and balance.

Overall, our curriculum provision helps to create engaged, inquisitive, happy children, who work well collaboratively and independently using a broad range of skills, improving vocabulary and academic knowledge.  Children will have improved aspirations for their futures, and they will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and vocabulary that will enable them to reach these aspirations