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Easter Activities

As it is the Easter Break, we won't be setting you formal learning to do over the next two weeks. However, the lower school teachers have come up with some ideas to keep you entertained out of mischief. Enjoy!

Have you ever heard about Easter gardens? They are a nice creative way of recording what happened at the first Easter.  Can you spot the different elements of the Easter story in the picture? What does each item represent? You can make one in a bowl, a box, or on a patch of ground in your garden or outdoor space. Have a look at the Easter activity attached to become an Easter "Expert" (or eggspert!), and if you like, also make an Easter garden and post it to the Google Classroom stream.

More Amazing Easter Activities

Here are some ideas for things you could do on your Easter holiday if you are feeling bored. There are some Docs for you to reply in so you can share what you have done.

  1. Read a book you haven’t read before and write a review in the Book Reviews Doc for other people to persuade them to read it.

  2. Time yourself running up and down your hallway or garden ten times, try to beat your score the next day, let us know how you got on in the Speed Doc.

  3. Dress up in the strangest/funniest way you can and email me a photo. I’ll post the funniest ones in the Stream.

  4. Draw/paint the view from your window or your favourite place to be in your house. Take a photo and share it in the Stream so we can enjoy it with you.

  5. Learn a new word and write it in the Vocab Doc with a definition.

  6. Make a vegetable sculpture of your mum or dad. Post a photo to the stream.

  7. Find 5 things in your house you don’t want and put them in a bag for the charity shop for when this is all over. (PS. It’s not allowed to be your brother or sister!)

  8. Find and measure the smallest and largest thing in your house. Post your results in the Sizes Doc.

  9. Choose one thing from the OTHER THINGS TO DO section in the HOME LEARNING TIMETABLE in the Classwork section of Google Classroom. Tell us what you did in the Things To Do Doc.

  10. Write a story, film yourself reading it and post the video to the Stream for everyone else to listen to.

  11. Create a model of your favourite ancient building using pictures/ideas from the Ancient Greek Buildings document. You could use lego, Kinnex or any other building materials you can think of. Send in a picture so we can add it to our class Stream.

  12. Bake something scrumptious and share it with your household - don’t forget to send in some pictures to show the rest of the class.

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