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Mental Health and WellBeing

Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy

At Pilton Bluecoat Academy our Christian vision shapes all we do. Life, love and learning to the full was inspired by Jesus's affirmation in John 10 when he stated that ' I have come that they may have life to the full' (John 10:10). It is through these words that as a school community we daily seek to live our lives with compassion, peace and love towards all living things. Our school values support us in ensuring that we understand what it means to be loved and to love others within our school and our local, national and global community. 

In addition we aim to promote positive mental health for every member of our staff and pupil body. We pursue this aim using both universal, whole school approaches and specialised, targeted approaches aimed at vulnerable pupils.

We aim to recognise and respond to need as it arises. By developing and implementing practical, relevant and effective mental health and wellbeing policies and procedures we can promote a safe and stable environment for pupils affected both directly, and indirectly by mental health and wellbeing issues.

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