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The Pilton Bluecoat Team

Executive Headteacher

Rhian Nicholas

Head of School Ian Thomas
Year Six Mark Turner - Teacher
Sally Edwards - Teacher
Claire Gregory
Ruth Crumby
Year Five

Jackie Parker - Teacher

Liz Kennard - Teacher
John Hick - Teacher
Helen Cockbill
Tracey Wallis

Year Four

Alison Bater - Teacher
Kate Dadswell - Teacher
Michelle Rigler

Mandy Laird

Year Three

Gill Tewkesbury - Teacher

Ben Cobbett - Teacher

Sarah Parkin

Helen Brown

Support Staff

Tim Steer

Laura Pither

Sue Dewey

Specialist Teachers

Lydia Wilkinson (French)
Mike King (PE)
Bonnie Brayley (Music)

Parent/Pupil Liaison Ann Gregory
SENCO Kate Taylor
Business Manager Briony Parsons
Bursar Wendy Short
HR Manager Caroline Tucker
Administrative Assistant

Amy Sanders
Michelle Sampson

Helen Smith - Office Manager

Claire Nethaway

Lunchtime Activity Leaders

Michelle Potter (Lead)
Sarah Spencer
Laura Pither
Peter Sailsbury
Karen Steele
Sue Dewey

Victoria Shaddick

Adele Drago

Dani King

Premises Manager Simon Wallis

Sharon Snell
Tracey Holland

Catering Manager

Connie Courtney

Kitchen Staff

Sarah Jones

Tina Manley

Library Lea Churchill

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