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Year Three

Welcome to Year 3. In this area, you will find the weekly slides used in class along with some activities. Do not forget that you can use Mathletics to help you with things you do not understand and Khan Academy is a very useful website for obtaining further instruction. If you can access Google Classroom you may also find some further information that Mrs Tewkesbury and Mr Cobbett have posted. Happy learning!

Monday 4th May

Good morning Year 3 - for those of you who like Star Wars, May the Fourth be with you.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Early signs are that today will bring a little bit of sunshine 👌

As always, you can find any work we have set you for the week in the Classwork section of the classroom.
the Year 3 team, really enjoyed our virtual meets last week and it was great to see a lot of you (even if it was virtually). We have been really impressed by the work and creative art pieces that we have been sent so far. We would like to take this moment to say that you are all doing a great job and have adapted your new classroom surroundings perfectly. If you are finding parts of your learning tricky, do not worry. Just do what you can - you can always send me an email/private message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Joe Wicks every day at 9:00
Chapter 3 of 'Who Let the Gods Out?' is now available. (optional)
'Design a skateboard' challenge (optional)
500 word challenge - REMINDER. email any completed stories to me as a google doc by Friday 15 May.

Here's to another great week! We look forward to seeing you all soon.

PS - If you are on the AR scheme, don't forget to complete an AR quiz.

Friday 20th March 

The Year 3 created a Class Charter for their use of Google Classroom. These are listed below:

• Just like being at school, I don’t expect to see you here before 8.45 or after 3.20, so only comment or respond to assignments (classwork) between those times.
• Be positive
• You can ask questions, post quiz facts or ask about the learning.
• Be supportive of each other .
• No using bad words.
• Remember it is a learning space, not a social one. Be respectful to any adults who post here, and to the others in your class.
• Keep an eye out for classwork assignments.
• Make sure that you do lots of different things. There is a list for you to check out in the Classroom area

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