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week beginning 11th may

Literacy Activities

This week you have literacy sessions for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It is really important that you keep up with listening to/reading each chapter, as otherwise, you will not be able to complete the tasks.

Follow the PowerPoints in the correct order:
-Tuesday's lesson is to listen to/read chapter 3 (and catch up with chapter 2 if you missed it) and then complete the Kahoot quiz
-Wednesday's lesson is to write your own description of the storm from chapter 3
-Thursday's lesson is to listen to/read chapter 4 and make notes to plan a diary entry (there is a sheet attached to help you with this if you need it)

The story really gets exciting, so please do try to keep up with each chapter! Remember you can use Friday as a catch-up day if you get behind.


This week we are starting a new set of spellings, looking at words with the suffix -fer. Follow the PowerPoints for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and don't forget to record your mark for the pretest on Tuesday, so that next week you can see how much you have improved!

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