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week beginning 18th may

Literacy Activities

This week we are continuing with our book 'Odysseus'.
-Monday and Tuesday's lessons are to write a diary entry based on Chapter 4: Circe. If you haven't listened to Chapter 4 yet, there is a link in the PowerPoint so that you can catch up.
-Wednesday's lesson is to read/listen to Chapter 5: The Land of the Dead and complete Kahoot quizzes on both Chapter 4 and 5 to check your understanding.
-Thursday's lesson is a grammar activity on the rules of using direct speech, followed by an activity to write a conversation between Odysseus and his men as they journey through the Land of the Dead!
Any questions, please ask.


This week we are finishing off our sessions on words ending -FER. Work through the PowerPoints, finishing with the retest on Thursday. Don't forget to let us know how much you have improved from the pretest!

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