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week commencing 20th april

Week commencing 20th April


Good morning, I have attached the reading booklet with the three different text (The Giant Panda Bear, Grannie and Albion's Dream) that you will need to read to be able to answer the questions. I am aware that some of you already have this booklet but this is for those who do not.

I have also attached the question paper. Read the questions and then just write your answer in your activity book. If you want to print the test off then you can. It's up to you.

Remember to use the skills that we have talked about in guided reading sessions, especially when answering the 3 mark questions.

Mr Turner

Spelling and Grammar

Hi everyone! A poster design for you today to teach others about the ent/ant suffix. We'd love to see your designs so don't forget to attach them to the Classwork folder / post them on the stream or email them to us. PLEASE ALSO LET US KNOW WHAT SCORE YOU GOT FOR YOUR GRAMMAR AND SPELLING SATS PRACTICE PAPERS.

Miss Edwards

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